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Government convenes meeting to impose lockdown on Delta variants

New Delhi, 28 June 2021 Monday

Despite rapid vaccination against corona, cases of infection are increasing rapidly in many countries of the world. One such case has come up in Australia, where the government has called an emergency meeting on Monday.

Delta variants are being seen in big cities like Sydney, Australia. More than 100 cases have been reported. Cases of corona virus have also increased in the northern part of the country, Queensland and Western Australia.

Officials say that this is a very important time for the country. Previously, Australia eased cases with other countries by easing lockdowns and closing borders. This is the first time in the last month that cases of infection are increasing in many parts of the country. “I think we are entering a new phase of the pandemic with more deadly Delta strains,” said Australian leader Josh Freudenberg.

An increase in the number of Covid-19 cases has led to another lockdown in several cities, including Sydney and Darwin. The situation in Sydney is extremely worrying. Where the population of five lakh lives. Meanwhile, the New South Wales government has extended the lockdown on Sunday.

Many businesses have been ordered to close once again. New South Wales Premier Glady Berejiklian said there were 18 cases on Monday, compared to the previous 30 days. In the last 24 hours, about 59 thousand people have been screened.


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