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Pakistan’s dangerous conspiracy: entry of terrorist organizations into politics

Crop in spite of FATF proceedings. not ready to improve

Mili Muslim League, the party of terrorist Hafiz Saeed, was also allowed to contest the elections, in which several organizations stood.

Islamabad: FATF has once again put Pakistan in the gray list. Still, Pakistan does not want reform and is now making a strategy to allow terrorists to enter politics directly. According to a report, Pakistan is going to give political identity to any major terrorist organization.

By doing this, Pakistan will also try to show these terrorist organizations as good at the international level. So that the gray list of FATF can be avoided. Whereas FATFA has demanded that strict action should be taken against such terrorist organizations and terrorists. The FATF can take more stringent action against Pakistan, especially if it does not take action against terrorist organizations banned by the United Nations.

No action was taken by the Pakistan government in 2017 when Mumbai attacks accused Hafiz Saeed tried to declare it a political party by forming a sub-organization of Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Hafiz founded the Milli Muslim League.

However, people did not vote for him nor did any of his candidates win the election. Such organizations are entering politics directly without giving up terrorist activity or ideology, which can have a detrimental effect on Pakistan’s politics and democracy.


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