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29000 year old giant skeleton in search of gold

Montreal: Gold miners in Canada have unearthed the skeleton of a giant elephant that looked like an elephant 29,000 years ago. There is also hair on this skeleton. From this it can be guessed that these giant creatures living in the glaciers were protecting themselves from the harsh cold with the help of this hair. These giant creatures looked like elephants. They also had long trunks and long teeth.

According to local newspaper The White Horse Star, a team of miners working at a gold mine in Yukon, Canada, have discovered several mammoth skeletons. Yukon government chief paleontologist Grant Jajula called it a super thrilling discovery. He said that this discovery has raised many questions, which now have to be explored. He said that it is rare to find such a huge number of skeletons in one place.

In a conversation with Live Sciences, Grant Jajula said that seeing the kind of skeletons found, it seems that all the mammoths belong to the same family. He died about 29 thousand years ago. All these fossils are found in rocks made of volcanic lava. He said the bones could be four to five giants. We will try to find out the causes of death of this giant.

These mammoths roamed North America and Eurasia during the Ice Age. This creature became extinct about ten thousand years ago. Scientists do not yet know what caused their extinction. Many believe that the cause was climate change and the increase of human predators. The closest to its offspring is the modern Asian elephant. The main difference between the two is just the size of the top. Mammoths had large zebra coats to help them survive the cold temperatures, which are not found in Asian elephants.


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