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America ready to spend billions of dollars to end China’s dominance

Strategically passed the Innovation and Competition Act Bill: Support from both sides of the country

Washington: America is planning to spend heavily to break China’s dominance. The US House of Representatives Senate believes that China is the biggest geopolitical and geopolitical challenge facing the US. The world superpower has therefore passed The United States Innovation and Competition Act, 2021 to put the United States at the forefront of technological research and production at a cost of over ₹250 billion.

The bill has the support of both Republicans and Democrats in Parliament. It is rare for both sides to agree on a single issue. In the 100-member Senate, only 68 voted in favor of the bill, while the remaining 32 members opposed it. An expert said how the two political parties in the United States have come together to undermine China’s economic and military ambitions is evident from the above voting-pattern.

According to proponents, a project costing ₹250 billion, the U.S. One of the largest industrial packages in history. This is the largest investment by the country for scientific research in the last several decades. The bill aims to strengthen the United States in its competition with China with various measures.

The US Senate has approved 190 billion to address the challenges facing large-scale research and development in the country’s universities and other institutions. Also research can be done on artificial intelligence, drones and other technological innovations. In addition, 10 billion should be earmarked for the preparation of the US version of China’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ) from the above fund.

The bill also includes a number of provisions to block China’s development in information technology, including a ban on downloading the social media app TikTok on government devices. Under the law, the sale and purchase of drones by Chinese companies will be prohibited. In addition, Chinese organizations involved in US cyber attacks or theft of American generations of intellectual property will also face sanctions.


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