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EU will not issue vaccination passports to Covishield vaccine recipients?

New Delhi, June 8, 2021, Tuesday

The second wave of corona in India has created an uproar. Now that the infection has subsided considerably, people are once again engaging in busy lives. Some are also planning to go abroad. Surprisingly, for those who are planning to go abroad, the European Union has changed this. The Corona situation has made it mandatory for them to show their vaccination certificate to travel abroad, but the India-made AstraZeneca-Oxford Vaccine will not give a green pass to CoveShield recipients.

Although the EU previously said that a member country could issue a certificate regardless of the type of COVID-12 vaccine, there are now indications that the pass will be limited to vaccines seeking EU-wide marketing authorisation. There are currently four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency that can be used by EU member states to issue passport immunization certificates.

The four vaccines include Cominarty (Pfizer) BioNTech, Modern Vaxerviria (AstraZeneca-Oxford) Johnson (Johnson & Johnson), while the Indian-made Covishield is yet to be recognized by the EMA. Whereas in India most of the people have opted for locally made Covishield. Vaccine by Pune-based Serum Institute of India.


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