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When Smriti died, the husband forgot the wife, made a girlfriend and got married again

Alzheimer’s is a disease in which a person’s memory is severely impaired. It becomes difficult for him to remember anything. A man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in America forgot his wife. This man named Peter fell in love with his wife again and the two remarried. The marriage took place on 21 April 2021. Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago. After that his memory started getting weak. Peter had forgotten that he was married because of his illness. Peter’s wife Lisa told CNN that he had forgotten how we met and how our love story began and how we got married.

“It bothers me so much that Peter doesn’t remember anything like that, but now Peter doesn’t remember anything,” said Lisa. Especially they do not remember a single part of what happened 40 years ago. Lisa and Peter’s love story was up as well. If Lisa wants to remember one thing at a time, Peter has forgotten everything.

Peter and Lisa have been married for 15 years. Both were neighbors and both were married. Lisa and Peter both had children from their first marriage. Their friendship remained but then their city changed. When they met about a year later, they learned that both Lisa and Peter were divorced. After that the two fell in love. After being in a long distance standing relationship for eight years, the couple got married. “My husband is very polite,” said Lisa. It is fun as well as romantic. He has always been serious about our relationship and loves me too. Lisa says that gradually it became clear that my husband is changing. How many times had he forgotten his keys and purse. At first I thought this could happen sometimes. Then he started forgetting words, there came a time when he had great difficulty in completing a sentence. “I used to convince myself it was an effect of aging, but my friends and family members also noticed a change in Peter’s behavior,” Lisa said. Anyone who looks at Peter can understand that something is wrong with him. Peter was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease on 20 April 2016 after seeing a doctor.

“I didn’t know it was a disease that would affect our lives,” Lisa said. This disease took my husband away from me. He was with me even though I was with me. The memories of a lifetime had suddenly disappeared from his mind. He had also forgotten the beautiful moments of our marriage. He also forgot that I was his wife.

I realized this when we were returning from a trip by car. Peter sitting in the car suddenly told me that the way to my house is on this side. He started showing me that he lived somewhere else and that he was taking me to my house for the first time. As soon as we entered the house, Peter hurried down and opened the door for me, terrified of taking me inside. He started showing me my entire house. I realized that Peter was treating me as a girlfriend. On the one hand I loved it and on the other I was trying to bring them into the real world. But Peter did not remember anything, everything was new to him.

“A wonderful thing happened to me on December 19, we were watching a TV series,” Lisa said. I started crying after seeing this scene of marriage. Peter wiped my tears and laughed. After that he smiled at me and said that let’s get married. Little did he know that he was proposing to his wife. He fell in love with me again. I was feeling like a princess. I considered myself the luckiest woman in the world. Lisa did not want to miss this opportunity to be even more beautiful with her husband and she immediately agreed to the wedding. “I have no hope from life anymore,” said Lisa. Nothing can be said about this type of disease in advance. Peter was very happy on the wedding day. He told me that I love you and I don’t want anything else in life.


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