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Dictator Kim Jong’s weight gain, health-related illness or dieting?

New Delhi, dated 30 June 2021, Wednesday

Due to his eccentric nature, the declining weight of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who is in discussion in the world, is being discussed in the media these days.

Experts monitoring the country say that the 5-foot-eight-inch tall Kim Jong Un used to weigh 140 kg, but now he has lost 10 to 20 kg. Kim Jong Un is said to drink and smoke a lot. The history of other members of his family is also linked to heart related ailments. Before Kim, her father and her grandfather had died of heart problems before.

After missing for a month, Kim Jong Un appeared in front of the world on 4 June. In which she was looking thinner than before. Earlier in 2014, there was speculation about Kim’s health. At that time he was missing for 6 weeks.

As can be seen from the pictures, Kim Jong has lost weight. His face was already looking bigger. Now the face has become smaller. The people of North Korea are saddened by Kim’s loss of weight. “People have been heartbroken since they saw Kim’s face,” one citizen told North Korea’s state channel.

Whether or not Kim Jong-un has lost weight due to any health problem, it is now being discussed.


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