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In Canada and America, more than 250 died due to heat, mercury reached 50 degrees

– Aggressive form of global warming: scorching heat instead of extreme cold

Root cause of US-Canada heat ‘heat dome’ likely rising death rate in Canada

New York: Canada and the United States, the two main countries of the North American continent, are known for their deadly winters. There have been 20 deaths in five days due to heat. The deaths were reported in the Canadian province of British Columbia on Friday. This is the largest number of weather-related deaths in Canada. The city of Leighton in British Columbia recorded a temperature above 7.5 degrees Celsius. This is the highest temperature in Canadian history. Nowhere in Canada has such a temperature been recorded before. Temperatures are 2-3 degrees above normal in many cities.

On the other hand, in the neighboring country of America, more than a dozen people have died due to scorching heat. Apart from this, some cases of death are not yet recorded in the government books. The death toll in both countries has reached half a million. Due to the heat, some forest areas have caught fire. The authorities are also facing the challenge of extinguishing the fire.

The main cause of U.S.-Canada heat is an environmental condition known as a heat dome. Because of this situation, Americans and Canadians have a turn to endure so much heat that they have not endured for centuries. Normally the temperature even reaches 40-4 °C, but in the cities considered very hot, the mercury has already crossed 4 °C. Canada is known for its coolness. Winter temperatures in Canada reach minus 40 degrees. The lowest temperature in Canada is recorded in a village called Song. On February 2, the temperature of the village was recorded at -4 degrees.

The average temperature throughout Canada does not rise above 40 degrees. In such a country, the bodies of people battling the scorching heat cannot fight it. “We continue to receive reports of deaths,” Canadian officials said. So far 3 people have died. The death toll is still likely to rise. Government officials and scientists are also shocked by the scorching heat in Canada and America. Because some parts of Canada have snowfall throughout the year.


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