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Seven-year-old dies after being hit thrice by a senior in Judo class

New Delhi: A seven-year-old boy in Taiwan died after being hit six times by his senior in a judo class. Surprisingly, his coach was constantly encouraging him while his seniors were constantly hitting him and asking him to hit again and again. The case has sparked widespread outrage across Taiwan. On social media, people are paying tribute to the child and demanding the harshest punishment for the coach.

Actually the whole matter is of April. In April, a seven-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital after being beaten up three times by his senior in a judo class. He suffered a brain hemorrhage from such a blow.

He was on life support system for 20 days in the hospital. In the end the doctors took it and gave up hope. His parents then decided to take him out of the ICU and he died.

According to local website Taipei Times, the coach has been charged with physical assault. Coach Honey was immediately arrested in the case, but he was immediately released on bail. However, now the charges can be changed after the death of the child. He could now face up to seven years in prison if convicted of murder.

According to a BBC report, the seven-year-old had attended a judo class on April 21 under the supervision of his uncle. They were then shown a video of judo practice in which they told their believers that judo was not right for them.

The video shows a senior judo player knocking a seven-year-old to the ground three times during practice. In this video, the child can be seen screaming. Even in this situation, the coach orders him to stand up and asks the senior boy to continue beating the child.

This cycle continued till the seven-year-old girl fainted. The question also arises as to why the child’s uncle did not say anything to the coach. The child’s mother said that her uncle found everything terrible.

Seven-year-old Fengguan was admitted to the hospital after the incident. At 9 pm on Tuesday, doctors said that his blood pressure and heart rate were falling. The doctors spoke to the family and after the decision of the family members, he was discharged from the ICU and breathed his last immediately. Soon after the death of the child, a wave of mourning ran through Taiwan’s social media. People have mourned the death of the innocent. He has also demanded strict action against the coach and compensation to the parents.


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