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Unnecessary competition will destroy India China’s official newspaper

New Delhi, dated 30 June 2021, Wednesday

China’s state-run newspaper has split after India deployed an additional 50,000 troops from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh’s border with China.

China’s state-run newspaper has threatened that India will be doomed if it enters unnecessary competition with China at the behest of Western countries. The newspaper advised that China and India should use each other’s strengths.

The newspaper also reported on the recent visit of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to Ladakh. According to the newspaper Global Times, such a visit will not help in reducing the tension between India and China. Rajnath Singh’s visit shows India’s tough stand. However, this will not help. India will not benefit from a military conflict with China. Because India’s army is weaker than China’s army.

The newspaper report said, ‘It is in India’s interest to exercise restraint with China. China’s economy is booming even during the Corona period. While India’s economy is performing worst. In the long run, India and China should adopt a strategy to cooperate in each other’s development.

The newspaper claimed that the US, Japan and Australia are making efforts to include India in the Quad. These countries are trying to compete with India and China. So that in the long run both the countries will suffer. Thus America, Japan and Australia want to hunt two birds with one stone. But if India starts unnecessary competition under the pressure of these countries then it will prove to be a nightmare for India.

India has now deployed a total of two lakh soldiers on the Chinese border. Which is 40 percent more than last year. It has been said in some media reports that India also now wants to adopt an aggressive strategy against China.


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