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A new era will begin, the first test flight of a car flying between two cities is successful

New Delhi, 1 July 2021, Thursday

The idea of ​​a flying car to escape traffic has been around for years. However, there are many technical challenges in realizing this.

However, some companies are working on it and now they are getting success. According to the information received, the first test flight of the car flying between the two cities has been successfully conducted. The car flew between two cities in Slovakia, Nitra and Bratislava. Carey covered the distance between the two cities in 35 minutes. Test company Aircar said the car was converted from a plane to a sportscar within minutes of landing.

The car is equipped with BMW’s 160 horsepower engine. It also has a fixed propeller and ballistic parachute for flight. This car is capable of flying up to 1000 km at an altitude of 8200 feet. It can fly at a speed of 170 kmph and has flown 40 hours so far. It hardly takes 2 minutes to convert a car into a plane.

Flying cars are being discussed. As the traffic problem is increasing, flying car can be an ideal option for the wealthy class. Some car companies are also working on models of flying cars.


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