Cats and dogs can also be infected by humans: Study

(PTI) London, Ta. 1
Corona infection can also infect cats and dogs. This has been claimed in the latest research of a university in the Netherlands. Researchers took samples from 12 household pets.
Researchers from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands presented an interesting finding. The study found that the coronavirus can infect humans as well as their pets.
The researchers sampled 12 domestic dogs and 15 cats from 15 households. Of these, 20 pets were infected by their owners. Because a week or two before the cat or dog was found infected, its owner was infected with corona.
Reports of six cats and seven dogs have come positive during the sampling process. His PCR test was done. In addition, 21 cats and 3 dogs tested positive for antibodies. That is, so many cats and dogs were killed by Corona. During the investigation, about 90 percent of the pets were found infected.
University researcher Iles Bruins said owners should stay away from their cats and dogs if they have coronavirus. Just as we avoid coming in contact with other people when we have corona, we should also avoid coming in contact with pets.
He added: “The relief is that humans don’t feel infected, so the risk of infection is low, but we need to be careful.”

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