China is building about 100 places to store nuclear missiles

New Delhi, 1 July 2021, Thursday

China has had to increase its military power even during the Corona period, fighting with many countries including India.

Even during the Corona period, China’s economy is booming and on the other hand China is taking up arms. There are now reports that China has built about 100 storage sites in the desert in its northwestern region to hold intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

These storage sites are known as silos. In which such missiles are kept. The range of intercontinental ballistic missiles in particular is very wide. These missiles after being launched from one continent are capable of targeting any country on the other continent. In other words, many countries of the world are coming within the range of this missile.

China has milestones like DF-5 and DAP-41. capable of attacking America. It is said that China has made these missiles keeping America in mind. According to a US newspaper report, researchers at the James Martin Center in California have used satellite imagery to conclude that China is building about 100 storage sites to store missiles in the desert, which extends for hundreds of kilometers. is. One of which is that China is increasing the number of missiles capable of carrying its nuclear warheads. Thus China’s nuclear capability is increasing. It is estimated that China currently has a stockpile of 250 to 300 nuclear weapons.

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