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Hidden under the sea is the mysterious giant continent Icelandia

There is an island under Iceland. The land here was separated before, but this theory is not supported

London: Some time ago, cartographers of National Geographic considered the Southern Ocean to be the fifth ocean of the world. Now an international team of geologists claims to have discovered a new and hitherto hidden continent. Researchers believe that a continent is submerged beneath Iceland, called Icelandia. The research is important because the vast island of Pangea is believed to have collapsed 50 million years ago. The new study will clarify whether it was completely broken. It is believed that this continent extended from Greenland to Europe.

The study team, led by Jillian Fowler, Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University in the UK, estimates that the continent may be six million square kilometres. If the western part of Britain is added to this, then it is one million square kilometers.

This report challenges the theory that was previously believed to be the process of making Iceland by understanding the crust of the oceans and continents in the North Atlantic region. In addition, discussions could begin on the sources of minerals and hydrocarbons found in the continental crust.

Professor Jillian says that so far many theories have been revealed about Iceland and all the theories about it do not have geological data. The crust under Iceland is 20 km long, which is seven times that of the ocean’s crust. The reason is still not understood.

He said the observation fits with the data when the crust is considered a continent, not an ocean. That is why the discovery of Iceland has given an interesting direction to the geology of the world.


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