Mani talks daughter living under one roof with three husbands

New Delhi: A young woman has shared a unique anecdote of her family. The girl, identified as Rakil Soyka, said in a TikTok video that her mother lived with three husbands. However, after sharing this video of him, his followers started asking questions. He also showed how he grew up with three fathers. Raquel Soyka said that until she was ten years old, she did not know who her real father was. She used to call the three men living in the same house with Mani as Papa. He said that nothing was normal in his family at that time. A typical family consists of parents and children.

Rakil Soyka, who grew up in a normal family, said it was difficult to live with a single mother and three fathers under one roof. In fact, the whole chapter came to light when he was told in a Tiktok video that it is normal to grow up with a father and a mother.

“My mom lives with her first husband Bill, second husband Rich and third husband daddy Pete Salo,” she said. It was a strange thing. When I went to a friend’s house, I saw some friends’ moms talking about their first husband, even though they were remarried.

When asked by followers, Raquel said that her mother had been married for 15 years and had a child. She later divorced and married Daddy Rich, whom she also divorced, but had two children.

After that, Raquel’s mother met Daddy Pete in the 9th year. She later married Daddy Pete and they were born. However, after her birth, Daddy Rich married a second time, who raised her in her early years.

They come to live together when Daddy Pete and Daddy Bill have some health problems. He needed help taking care of her. Raquel’s mother allowed her to live with her husband, Daddy Rich. Raquel said that her three fathers never argue among themselves, whatever the argument, it happens with my mother and the other three fathers.

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