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Will the heat wave run beyond 52 degrees in Jacobabad, Pakistan?

Karachi, 1 July 2021, Thursday

In such a situation, at the end of June, not the heat but the rainy season remains in the discussion, but in many places in India including Delhi, the mercury of summer is being seen more. The situation in Pakistan, which is becoming the hottest place in the world, is very bad. The biggest victim of heat wave in Pakistan has been Jacobabad of Sindh province. Experts believe that the human body is exposed to heat that can be tolerated at any cost. The scorching heat has washed away the roads and streets. Those who can afford it are living with the help of AC but they are facing problems when the power goes out. In Jacobabad, people are battling the heat with the help of fans and snow.

Somewhere people have started bathing in lakes to escape the heat. Jacobabad is also known for its heat but this time the mercury is likely to cross 4 degree Celsius. The city of five lakh people is an important place in Sindh, Pakistan. During the British rule there was a place called Khangar which was named Jacobabad after the British ruler John Jacob which later came to be known as Jacobabad. The temperature in Jacobabad in the month of January is 40.8 °C, while in the deadly heat of May-June, the temperature reaches above 40 °C. Surprisingly, till October the temperature remains around 4 degrees.

The reason for the heat in Jacobabad is also its geographical location. Tom Matthews, a lecturer in climatology at UK’s Lowbrow University, believes the center is the hottest in the Indus Valley. Jacobabad falls on the Tropic of Cancer, due to which it has to bear the direct heat of the sun’s rays. When the moist air of the Arabian Sea mixes, the temperature becomes even more dangerous. Rising temperatures have attracted attention in some parts of the world except Jacobabad. The coldest regions of the world, Siberia, the ice-capped Arctic region have experienced heatwaves. The effects of climate change are beginning to be seen on the world.


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