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British businessman Richard Bronson will go to space before Bezos

Indian girl Sirisha will also be present

Bezos’ date is 20, when the Broncos planned an 11th shipment: Musk will fly into space any time now.

Washington: The craze for space travel has started among businessmen since the earth shook. Amazon and Space Travel Company owner Jeff Bezos is scheduled to travel to space on July 20. Former space travel athlete, Richard Bronson, has jumped at the chance to prove himself ahead of the competition.

The Broncos have announced that they will go to space on the 11th. That is, nine days before Bezos. He will also be accompanied by Indian-origin astronaut Sirisha Bundle. Sirisha has been in Bronson’s company since 2015.

There is a competition among some big leaders to start private trips into space, three of them are prominent. Jeff Bezos, Richard Bronson and Elon Musk. Musk is used by a company called Space-X to deliver goods into space as well as to build a rocket that can reach Mars. Richard Bronson is the owner of Wet Galactic Group. Richard, a British businessman, owns more than 400 small and large companies.

Bezos-Musk has a rocket, while Broncos has built a plane that can reach space. The aircraft has been named VSS Unity. Wet Galactic’s spacecraft has traveled in space 3 times before. This will be his fourth visit but Bronson’s first. The sudden announcement from the Bronx means he wants to prove himself more advanced than Bezos.

Now there is a discussion among space experts that Elon Musk should not make any sudden trip to overtake these two. The possibility can’t be ruled out that Musk will report after going to space, rather than go or plan. Because Musk is known for such exploits.

34-year-old Sirisha is originally from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. However, he was raised in Houston, USA. Sirisha is an aero-astronautical engineer. He is the Vice President of Research Operations at the company. Sirisha will be the third Indian to go into space after Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.

The companies of these three eateries are engaged in planning long space trips. The space travel market is booming. Operations in space are also increasing. So after hoisting the flag of success on earth, the race to deploy sidewalks in space has started.


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