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Research shows human skull found in China in 2015 is 1.5 million years old

Beijing, July 7, 2021, Friday

Evidence of Chinese civilization being very ancient keeps on getting from time to time. A 1.5 million year old human skull has been found in this mysterious neighboring country. Although this human skull is useful for research on human evolution. A new chapter in history appears to be associated with the analysis of fossils. This is a group of humans believed to be close to Thienderdale. Remember Neanderthals are considered close to modern humans. The newly discovered human skull fossil has been named Homo longi or Dragon Man by Chinese researchers. Chris Stringer, research professor at the Natural History Museum in London, says this is the biggest discovery in 20 years.

The human skull is believed to have been found in the 19th century by Chinese laborers building a pool on the Songhua River in Harbin province. The skull was hidden in a well to prevent it from falling into Japanese hands. The skull hider told his son before he died. The skull was discovered in 2012, but has been sealed after two years of research. Professor Qiangjie of Xiao University used a geochemical technique to estimate that the skull was 1.5 million years old.

This skull looks like Homo spine. This skull is much older than modern humans. With the help of a software, it was found that it is closer to modern man than to Neanderthal. Researchers believe it must have been a 70-year-old man with a very large nose. This person has a heavy body which should not have been a problem even in the cold.


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