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Russia uses brute force method for cyber attacks

WASHINGTON: US and British agencies on Thursday provided a detailed report on the methods of brute force used by Russian intelligence agencies to infiltrate the cloud services of several government companies, energy companies and other organisations.

An advisory issued by the US National Security Agency described the attackers as having links to the GRU. GRU is a Russian military intelligence agency that previously conducted large-scale cyberattacks during the 2016 and 2020 US elections.

Rob Joyce, director of cyber security, said in a statement that the entire campaign is likely to continue globally. In Brute Force Attacks, sites with potentially passwords are automatically sprayed until hackers gain access. The advisory urged the companies to adopt the methods used by experts, which are considered common sense in cyber hygiene. These include the use of a multi-pronged authentication method and a strong password.

The advisory, issued in the wake of a devastating wave of ransomware attacks on governments and key infrastructure, did not specify the specific purpose of the campaign or its purpose. It simply said that hackers had targeted many organizations around the world.

The United States has long been accused of spying on Russia, spreading false information, and disrupting government and key infrastructure.


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