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United States leaves Bagram battle zone in Afghanistan after 30 years

Kabul, Ta. 2
The largest American soldiers were stationed on the Bagram battlefield in Afghanistan. The battlefield was officially handed over to the Afghan National Security Agency by American troops. The area was abandoned by the US military after 40 years.
US forces will leave Afghanistan by September. President Joe Biden’s decision called for all US troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September. Under this, the withdrawal of troops has started from last May. Now America has left the most important region.
US forces were in the largest battle area of ​​Bagram in Afghanistan. The United States has deployed the largest number of troops to the battlefield, with the region facing the greatest threat from Taliban militants. The battlefield was eventually abandoned by American troops.
The US military has officially handed over control of the Bagram area to Afghan security agencies. Soldiers have started taking stock of their weapons and final preparations are underway to leave Afghanistan.

The US has also deployed special commandos to Afghanistan to respond to Taliban attacks when American troops return home. With the withdrawal of US troops from the Bagram area, there is a possibility that Taliban terrorists will attack the area. According to defense experts, there is a possibility of civil war in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of American troops.
There are 20 districts in Afghanistan. Of these, 20 districts are currently under the control of Taliban militants. There are fears that the Taliban could capture several districts if US troops are not present in key battlefields such as Bagram in Afghanistan.


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