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1500 KM from Leh. Far Mysterious ‘Region 21’: Warning Warning for India

Beijing, DT

China is rapidly developing a secret airbase in Xinjiang’s Lop Nur amid conflict with India in Ladakh. The information about this airbase is so secret that it has been named ‘Area-21’ of China. This mysterious airbase is just 1500 km away from Leh airbase in India. is very far. Commercial satellite images have recently revealed that China is rapidly expanding the airbase. China has been developing the airbase since 2013. China had landed its top secret space plane here in 2020.

Experts believe that China is planning to increase military space activity from this airbase. It is believed that China is also preparing for a space war against America. American NGO media organization NPR has shared information about this secret airbase of China based on satellite images of Maxar Technology. These pictures show that China has started redeveloping this airbase that has been deserted for years. The airstrip of this base has been extended to 7.5 km to facilitate landing of large ships and spacecraft. has been extended to.

More than a dozen concrete buildings are also being built near this airstrip of Lop Noor. Till now there were no buildings and other facilities at this secret airbase. Lop Nur is the oldest nuclear test site in China. In 2020, several observers claimed that China had landed a high-class space plane at the airbase. However, no one knows what this Chinese spacecraft looks like. Ankit Panda, a senior expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said, “I think this is an important base for China’s military space activity, which China is now rapidly developing.” Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the Center for Astrophysics Harvard and the Smithsonian, said the airstrip was too large to send humans into space.

Apart from the landing of a Chinese spacecraft in September last year, no particular activity was observed on the runway. Some modular trailers are seen at one end of this airbase. The trailer is likely to be a temporary accommodation for Chinese Air Force personnel. But now the activities at the airbase are intensifying and it is believed that China is preparing to do something big here.

What is Area-21?

A secret area of ​​America is actually called ‘Area-21’. The US government is believed to be hiding aliens in this area. No one knows the reality. Initially, the US government denied the existence of an area similar to Area 21, but later accepted it. Another belief is that a flying saucer was tested here. The US government has banned the movement of common people in the ‘Area-21’ area.

China’s active airbase near Indian border

airbase aircraft stationed above sea level

Cassie Airbase 3ft J-11, JH-2, UAV

Taskurgan Airbase 108 Feet Under Construction

Houghton Airbase 6 ft J-11, J-2, J-3, Avox, UAV

Setula Helipad 12013 Ft Not Known

Tensuhai Helipad 150 Feet Under Construction

Rutang County Helipad 181 Feet Under Construction

Shikwanhe Helipad has no information of 1904 feet

Nagri Airbase 1208 ft J-11, UAV


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