Cyber ​​attack on 200 US companies, Russian hackers suspected

New Delhi, 3rd July, 2020

America has once again become a victim of cyber attack. Hackers have simultaneously attacked 200 American companies with ransomware.

The hackers first targeted the servers of a Florida-based IT company and then spread the word to other companies using the company’s software. The cyber attack occurred on Friday afternoon as employees of most US companies were preparing to leave for a long weekend, according to the US Cyber ​​Security Agency.

According to IT company Cassia, hackers have tampered with the company’s corporate server, an application running a network device. Now the company is asking its client companies to shut down the servers. That is, 200 companies have been affected by the attack and the number is likely to increase.

However, IT firm Kasia declined to provide a figure on the affected companies. Cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs told the international news agency that it was suspected the attack was carried out by a notorious ransomware hacker gang from Russia named Ravel. The FBI has indicted the gang for the cyber attack in May.

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