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If the Chinese woman did not give land to build the highway, then surrounded her like this

Gongzhou, July 3, 2021, Saturday

When pools, roads and railway tracks are developed or expanded, the land around or between them also has to be acquired. Compensation and rehabilitation are arranged according to the legal provisions of any land or house that comes along the road, but what happens when no one believes in a single dokal. A highway was being built in Guangzhou city of China, but a small house came in the way.

The owner of the house refused to leave his house and a highway was built around his house and the woman’s house was surrounded by the sound of traffic. The female name is shown as Liang. Surprisingly, in a country where democracy is at stake, where human rights are at stake, women fought against the government for 10 years. If the woman did not believe, then a highway was made near her house by turning. The highway has opened in 2020 and women are seeing thousands of vehicles passing by every day.

This lady’s house is of 40 square meters. The four-lane is in a pothole-like area between traffic links, so the price of his house has dropped. According to a source, the woman has accepted the new situation and does not regret being put in such circumstances. In 2010, when the highway was being prepared, the woman was offered a new place, a house and cash, but she turned it down. This incident is of August 2020 but is going viral on social media.


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