5 killed, 30 rescued in military plane crash in Philippines

(PTI) Manila, Dte

A Philippine Air Force C-130 crashed on Sunday while trying to land in the southern province, killing eight people. However, over 50 people were rescued from the rubble. The plane crashed on some villagers. Three civilians including three soldiers were among the dead. Defense Minister Delphine Lorenzana said: “The rescue and relief operation is still ongoing.” About eight soldiers, including three pilots and five crew, were on board the aircraft. The pilot narrowly escaped the accident, but suffered serious injuries.

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules were two older US Air Force aircraft that were delivered to the Philippines this year as part of military aid. Chief of Staff General Sirilito Sobeja said the Air Force plane crashed on Sunday afternoon in the village of Bangkal in the mountainous town of Patikulan in the Philippine province of Sulu.

Military officials said more than 50 people on board the plane were rescued and taken to hospital. Search is on for the remaining soldiers. The Philippines military said in a statement that some eyewitnesses to the crash said some passengers had jumped off the plane before it hit the ground. In the initial picture of the crash site, the jawan showed the rear of the cargo plane. The front part of the plane was burnt or shattered after the accident.

The cargo plane was carrying troops from southern Cagayan de Oro to the town of their deployment in Sulu. Officials said many of the soldiers on board the aircraft were freshmen who had just completed basic training. Government forces have been fighting the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization for decades in the Muslim-majority province of Sulu. The cause of the accident was not immediately known. Territorial Military Commander Left. people. The plane is less likely to be attacked, Corletto Vinlau said. Several eyewitnesses said the plane crashed near the runway in the airport complex.

Air Force officials said the runway at Jolo is much shorter than at other airports in the country, making it very difficult for pilots to find a place to land. The airport in Jolo, the main town of Sulu, is only a few kilometers from the mountains. is very far. Abu Sayyaf, a terrorist group operating in the region, has been blacklisted separately by the United States and the Philippines. In late 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte increased the military presence in Sulu and deployed hundreds of additional troops. Abu Sayyaf is also associated with the terrorist group Islamic State.

Security forces have eliminated hundreds of militants linked to the Islamic group in a five-month operation in the southern city of Marawi. More than 100 people, including top commanders of the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization, have been killed in months of air and ground attacks. The Philippine government has been facing Muslim and communist infiltrators for decades.

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