Cyber ​​attack on 200 US companies, Russia suspects

Russia-linked Ravil ransomware gang behind cyber attack

New York: America has once again become a victim of cyber attack. 200 US companies have been simultaneously attacked by hackers with colloquial ransomware.

Hunters Labs said the hackers first hacked the servers of Florida-based IT firm Cassia and then hacked other US companies using the company’s software. Cyber ​​attack victim Cassia said a possible attack was being investigated.

Huntress Lab also said that the cyberattack was carried out by a Russian-linked Ravil ransomware gang. The cyber attack took place on Friday afternoon as employees of most US companies were preparing to leave for a long weekend, according to the US Cyber ​​Security Agency.

According to IT company Cassia, hackers tampered with the company’s corporate servers, a network device running applications. Now the company has asked its client companies to shut down the servers.

According to cyber security firm Huntress Labs, the attack has affected 200 companies and is expected to increase. However, IT company Cassia refused to give the figures of the companies affected by the cyber attack.

Cyber ​​security firm Huntress Labs suspects in a report to the international news agency that the attack was carried out in Russia by a notorious ransomware hacker gang called Revel. It is one of the most dangerous cyber gang in the world. The FBI has blamed the gang for the cyber attack in May.

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