Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Elsa storms into Caribbean, three dead

Including Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic

The storm is now expected to hit the coast of Cuba and then Florida in the United States

Port-au-Prince (Haiti): Caribbean Hurricane Elsa has killed three people in the last 24 hours. Elsa-caused deaths on the islands of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica have caused huge trees to fall and several roofs and other objects to blow up.

Hurricane Elsa is now moving toward the coasts of Cuba and Florida, USA. According to the details released by the Caribbean Disaster Management Agency, ELSA has had the most adverse effects on the countries of the Eastern Caribbean.

So far in Barbados, homes of 1,100 people have been so badly damaged that they cannot afford to live in their homes and 62 houses have completely collapsed. A storm that hit Jamaica today at a speed of 280 kmph caused havoc.

Currently the local government is providing these people with temporary funds so that they can do some repairs so that the shelter home is not overcrowded in the event of a pandemic. The storm is now forecast to intensify and hit Cuba, then pass through the islands of South America and affect the coast of Florida.


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