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Indian driver and his accomplices in UAE donated Rs. 20 crore treasury

(PTI) Dubai, Ta. 4

According to media reports, a 6-year-old Indian man and his accomplices have been hit with a jackpot of Rs 50 crore (Dirham 30 million) in the UAE. According to media reports, Ranjit Somarajan of Kerala works as a driver in Abu Dhabi. He was buying tickets for the last three years. As soon as he stood in front of the mosque, he got the news of winning the jackpot.

“I never thought I would win the jackpot,” Somraj said. I always thought that I would get second or third prize. However, this time the second prize was 20 lakh dirhams and the third prize was 10 lakh dirhams.

After receiving the news of winning the Rs 50 crore jackpot, there has been an influx of people congratulating Somarajan and his phone is constantly busy. He said that his life so far has been a struggle to get a good paying job.

Somraj further said that he has been in UAE since 2009. He further said that he has worked as a driver in Dubai Taxi and several other companies. Last year he worked as a driver cum salesman in a company but life became difficult for him as his salary got deducted there. Somarajan will share this jackpot amount with 3 other partners.

Somraj further said that we live with 10 people. Other allies come from different countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. They work in the hotel parking lot. We bought jackpot tickets under Buy to Get One free offer. Everyone spent 100 dirhams. The ticket was bought in my name on 3rd June. I told my colleagues to keep trying their luck. I was sure that one day my luck would shine.


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