Taliban captures several districts in Afghanistan, 300 soldiers flee

Terrorists raise their heads as US troops are called back

Fearing the Taliban, many Afghan soldiers fled to neighboring Tajikistan to save their lives.

Kabul: American troops are slowly withdrawing from Afghanistan. At the same time, Taliban militants have re-activated and captured.

The Taliban have recaptured several areas in northern Afghanistan by dispersing troops. More than 300 Afghan soldiers were crossing the border into Tajikistan. Tajikistan gave this information.

Tajikistan’s State Committee for National Security said in a statement that Taliban militants are moving in large numbers to capture border areas. More than 300 Afghan soldiers have crossed the border fleeing Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province.

In keeping with the principles of humanity and being a good neighbour, we gave refuge to Afghan soldiers when they were retreating and there was no resistance.

In mid-April, US President Joe Biden announced an end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan. The Taliban have re-emerged in Afghanistan and intensified their attacks.

At the same time, the areas from which the US Army had driven them out are being recaptured. As of now, Taliban militants occupy a third of Afghanistan’s 421 districts. And now they have started expanding the areas they occupied. As a result, Afghanistan may now have to seek the help of another country.

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