Two Chinese astronauts performed more than six hours of spacewalk in space for the first time

Chinese astronaut will set the record for the longest stay in space

BEIJING: Chinese astronauts on Sunday carried out their first spacewalk at China’s new space station to fulfill their ambition of space exploration.

The three Chinese astronauts who left for a three-month stay at Tiangong Station in June will set the record for the longest stay in space. Two astronauts exited their original cabins on Sunday morning. The first Li Boming was employed by a mechanical hand and the second Teng Hongbo came up the stairs outside the cabin.

Their mission is to elevate the panoramic camera outside the Tianhe core module, as well as to test the capabilities of the mechanical arm. TV footage showed astronauts wearing their spacesuits preparing for a spacewalk. He was also seen checking his health by exercising in the cabin.

The astronauts were then seen opening the cabin door and exiting the module. They are going to do spacewalks twice. This was his first spacewalk. Both spacewalks will last six to seven hours.

The space mission is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of China’s ruling Communist Party by sending astronauts into space within five years of launching the space programme.

Astronauts were trained for more than 6,000 hours for this space mission. The Chinese space agency aims to conduct a total of 11 launches by the end of next year.

It consists of two identical missions that will send two lab modules to increase the capacity of the 70-ton space station. In addition to Li and Teng, the mission’s commander, Husheng, is an Air Force pilot in the People’s Liberation Army. He also participated in two previous space missions.

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