A girlfriend got pregnant from the sperm of a dead boyfriend in Queensland, Australia

Queensland, July 7, 2021, Monday

Australia has a beach called the Gold Coast. A fisherman named Alex Pullin died at the site last year. With this, the fisherman’s 3 years of cohabitation with his girlfriend Ildi came to an end. The two lived together and were happy but did not think of having children. This woman named Illidi Blog has claimed to be pregnant with sperm extracted from her lover’s corpse. After the death of her lover Alex Pulin, Ilya told the doctors that she wanted to become pregnant with the sperm from the dead body of her lover.

The doctor shared a photo of the pregnancy on Instagram, making it possible to accept the request. According to Illidi, she will give birth to the child in October this year. Sharing her emotional story, Illidi wrote, “Your father and I had been dreaming of Tara’s arrival for many years but in the middle it was a heartbreaking accident but I am proud that I am bringing you into this world. I am.” We both were desperate for Tara. Also thought of IVF but never thought I would have to do it alone. No one can imagine how you would feel if you were forced to photograph a pet dog during pregnancy instead of being with someone special. According to the information received, according to the law of the city of Queensland, Australia, the sperm of any person can be removed within 3 hours of death.

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