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Chinese soldiers dug soil in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port

Colombo, July 7, 2021, Monday

China is notorious for its diplomacy stuck in a debt trap in the world. Just as a usurer lends to a needy on his own terms and then goes into debt, so does China. China eventually dominates by luring developing countries that have small economies and want to develop or remain underdeveloped. According to a source, China has given money to more than 20 countries of the world under debt trap diplomacy. Some island nations, such as Djibouti, have debts of more than 50 percent of GDP. China owes 20 billion to neighboring Pakistan. This amount is never in a position to be paid by Pakistan.

So the day is not far when Pakistan will have to be enslaved by China. Like Pakistan, Sri Lanka is equally embroiled in China’s debt. Although Sri Lanka’s economy is stronger than Pakistan, it has become a victim of China’s debt trap diplomacy. According to reports, China is in the process of seizing some of Sri Lanka’s infrastructure. The action of some Chinese soldiers in Sri Lanka is proof of this. Soldiers wearing army uniforms were seen digging soil in a lake on the island of Hambantota. In the ancient lake of Hambanbota, some people had uniforms similar to those of Chinese soldiers.

Sri Lankan law prohibits those who do not serve in the army from wearing army uniforms. There is also a provision to arrest and punish those who break this rule, although China does not believe in anyone. Sri Lanka opposed Chinese interference, but the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka denied the allegations, saying it was common to wear such clothing.

This is not the act of any Chinese soldier. It may be recalled that Sri Lanka had given the port of Hambantota to China as part of its loan repayment. The Colombo Port City project has also been taken on a five-year lease. Pakistan has been anti-India since the historic partition, but China is trying to impose debt trap diplomacy on India’s neighbors like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives after Nepal.


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