Corona vaccine for animals: Tigers and bears are being vaccinated in American zoos

– 11,000 doses donated on behalf of Zoetis to vaccinate animals

New Delhi Date. Monday, July 05, 2021

Humans have been vaccinated to prevent coronary heart disease, but now humans are being vaccinated as well. In a zoo in America, animals are being vaccinated to protect them from corona.

Animals are being vaccinated at the Auckland Zoo in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco, USA. Bears and tigers are currently being vaccinated against Corona. It is learned that Tiger Ginger and Molly are the first two animals to be vaccinated.

The vaccine for animals is developed by Zoetis, a New Jersey-based animal health company. The Auckland Zoo wrote in a tweet that Zoetis has donated 11,000 doses for the vaccination of animals. The vaccine will be sent to 70 zoos in 27 states. The vaccine will initially be given to tigers, bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions and ferrets.

Vaccine ready in 8 months

Zoetis senior vice president Mahesh Kumar said his company is working on a vaccine for pets since a pet dog was first infected with coronavirus in Hong Kong last year. Work on the vaccine resumed after the Hong Kong case was reported, and within 8 months the first study was completed which was presented to the WHO. However, pets no longer need the vaccine. This is the reason why zoo animals are being vaccinated to protect them from infection.

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