The biggest ransomware attack affecting 12 countries was carried out by Russian hackers

Washington, Ta. 5
The hackers who attacked the world’s largest ransomware and affected 12 countries are from Russia. The FBI said it had launched a thorough investigation into the allegations. A hacker named Revell had earlier demanded a ransom of Rs 11 million from multinational JBS.
Considered as the world’s biggest ransomware attack, this attack caused outrage in 17 countries. A hacker group called Revel has demanded a hefty ransom of ₹11 million for a ransomware attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat producer. There were other similar attacks.
The FBI investigation revealed that the ransomware attack took place in 17 countries and billions of rupees were demanded as ransom. The FBI claimed that the group of hackers was Russian. The FBI said it would not be possible to give exact figures because the attacks took place on different companies, but the possibility of billions of rupees in ransom cannot be ruled out. Ransomware attacked about 200 companies in the United States alone. The American Cassia company was specifically targeted. The company, spread over 10 countries, is said to have demanded a ransom of 5 million.
Earlier, President Joe Biden said in a White House press conference that the US would retaliate if Russia joined. Biden also ordered a thorough investigation. Earlier, Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia would not save a hacker group like Ravel. This was followed by the biggest ransomware attack.

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