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A massive fire broke out in a factory in Bangladesh, 52 people died tragically, death toll may increase

Dhanka, 9 July 2021 Friday

At least 52 people were killed in a factory fire in Bangladesh on Friday. At least 30 people were injured in the fire. The fire was so severe that many workers jumped to save their lives, while dozens are still missing. Meanwhile, families of hundreds of workers wait outside the factory for worried and troubled loved ones. They all fear that it will be difficult for the people trapped inside to escape. The factory manufactures noodles, fruit juices and candies.

exit door was closed

At the time of the fire in the factory, more than a thousand workers were working here. However, most of the people returned after the fire. The death toll is said to be three in the night. But as the rescuers reached the third floor, the death toll rose rapidly. Rescuers found the bodies of 49 employees on the third floor. According to fire service spokesman Debashish Bardhan, the exit doors on the stairs were closed. Because of this the workers could not go on the roof. However, there was a huge fire on the ground floor, so he could not go down. The death toll may increase depending on the severity of the fire.

fire caused by

Dhaka Fire Chief Dinu Moni Sharma said large quantities of highly flammable chemicals and plastics were kept inside. As a result, the factory caught fire.


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