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China recalls 310 civilians living in Afghanistan

Beijing/Washington, Ta. 9
The threat to foreign nationals in Afghanistan has increased. Taliban militants have captured the area one after the other. Meanwhile, China had sent back 210 of its citizens.
China’s state-run Global Times reported that a Chinese plane carrying 210 people left for Beijing from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Out of these, the report of 3 passengers has come positive. Foreign nationals, including China, are returning home before the US army withdraws.
US President Joe Biden has said that an official announcement of the US military operation in Afghanistan will be made on August 31. That is, America will have to withdraw all its soldiers before that. Joe Biden sets a 9-11 deadline for soldiers to return home. Before that everyone will reach America. The President said that the repatriation of soldiers is being done in a planned and safe manner. I have fulfilled what I promised in April. It was a historic decision.
The US has been criticized around the world for the past month for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. In that context, Biden replied that the US did not go to Afghanistan for nation building. Afghanistan was the epicenter of terrorist attacks in the United States, and the US military has achieved that goal. The US mission ended with the elimination of Osama bin Laden. Afghanistan should be built by the leaders of Afghanistan together.


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