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Taliban claims to have captured 4% of Afghanistan


Moscow / Islamabad, Ta. 9
As US troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the situation has worsened. The Taliban claims to have captured 9 percent of Afghanistan. On the other hand, Afghan soldiers have fled to Iran. There is a threat of civil war in Afghanistan.
The Moscow-based Taliban delegation claimed to have captured 20 of Afghanistan’s eight districts and controlled 9 percent of Afghanistan in total. A Taliban spokesman told Moscow that the Islam Fort border is now completely under Taliban control.
Although the Afghan government did not explicitly acknowledge this, military officials said the army was fighting the Taliban. An Afghan government spokesman said border units have been deployed at all points. The Afghan army is making substantial efforts to recapture the territories the Taliban have acquired.
Iran claimed that soldiers fleeing Afghanistan were coming to Iran, amid claims by the Taliban and Afghan forces. According to local Iranian media reports, Afghan troops have been fleeing to Iran after the Taliban took control of the border areas. Reports that Afghan troops are arriving in Iran to save lives are likely to weaken the Afghan army’s fight against the Taliban. Media reports also claimed that Iran was trying to negotiate talks between the Taliban and Afghan representatives.
Taliban militants have captured the third border of Afghanistan. Earlier, Afghan soldiers had fled to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan after the Taliban captured a border post in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The situation escalated after the Taliban claimed control of the border with Iran.
Pakistan was requested to cooperate with the powerful countries of the world. Afghanistan’s neighbor Pakistan feared that Afghanistan would soon fall into civil war. All countries should cooperate to avoid the dreadful situation of civil war. cutting. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressed the Standing Committee of Parliament. At the time, the foreign minister had said that if civil war broke out in Afghanistan, there would be a refugee crisis in Pakistan. Efforts have to be made from now to stop this situation.


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