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The age of the soldiers will not increase – the fighting ability will increase

New Delhi, 9th July, 2021

A drug that makes American soldiers superhuman has been developed by the US Army. The trial of this drug is also going to start in the coming days.

This drug has been developed by the US Special Operations Command. The US Defense Department has also approved the drug as it wants to increase the capability of US troops.

According to a media report, the drug will rejuvenate the cells of the body. Clinical trials will start from next year. The ability to stay will be developed.

The US military has partnered with a private laboratory to develop the drug. The US Army Special Operations Command says the intention behind developing the drug is to enhance the military’s capabilities, which tend to decline with age.

This drug will be used for the soldiers and thus for the public. The medicine will soon heal the wounds of soldiers or common people. The drug has been used with nutritional supplements. It contains nutrients and minerals.


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