Those who do not get vaccinated will lose their jobs

Suva, Friday 9 July 2021

The government of Fiji has taken strict measures to deal with the corona epidemic. Here, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has given a slogan to encourage people to take the necessary vaccine to fight Corona.

In such a situation, the Prime Minister of the country has said that those who do not get the corona vaccine will lose their jobs. Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has said that government employees who do not take the first dose of the vaccine by August 15 will be fired and those who do not take the second dose by November 1 will be fired.

The Fiji government has warned companies in addition to employees. The government has threatened to shut down companies where most of the employees are still unaffiliated.

In his address to the nation on Thursday, the Prime Minister of Fiji said no job, no job. Science tells how important the vaccine is to protect against corona. Now the government is deciding the policy on the basis of this. Those who do not get vaccinated should be prepared to lose their jobs.

Fiji’s health system has been adversely affected by the increasing outbreak of the coronavirus. It has ruined the economy. The government here is providing agricultural equipment and cash assistance to the unemployed. The first year of the pandemic did not have a significant impact in this Pacific country.

Only two patients died. However, two months ago, a delta form of the virus caused havoc. Corona in Fiji, which is a significant contributor to the economy, has adversely affected the economy by 19 percent. About half the jobs here are in the tourism sector. Fiji is known for its white sand beaches etc.

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