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World’s tallest horse Big Jack 8 feet 10 inches dead

Antwerp, July 9, 2021, Friday

The world’s tallest horse Big Jock has died. Beck Jack, 40, lived on a smoky hollow farm in Point, Belgium. The passing of Big Jack to the family does not want to miss the sad moments. The tallest horse in the world was 8 feet 10 inches high. While the weight was 115 kg.

Big Jack was included in the world record book in 2010. Horse owner Jerry Jack was considered a true superstar. Big Jack was born in Nebraska and weighed 80 pounds (104 kg) at birth. Which was 3 kg more than the weight commonly found in Belgian horses. He said that he wanted to remember Big Jack by building a small memorial. Jack was very calm. Life seems very empty with Jack’s passing but the truth is that he is not in this world.


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