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Zella Event Guard is the first African student to win the Spelling Bee

(PTI) Washington, Ta. 9
In America’s famous spelling bee competition, for the first time, African-American girl Jella became the winner of Event Guard. He is the second black student to win this competition.
The spelling bee competition was held in the presence of First Lady Jill Biden. An African-American student for the first time in the district, Event Guard became the winner. Jella, 19, is the second black student to win a spelling bee. Earlier a student named Judy Annie Maxwell had won 12. Zella lives in San Francisco.
Indian students dominated the spelling bee competition. This time also two students have secured second and third position. San Francisco’s Chaitra Thumala was at number two and Bhavna Madini of New York was at number three.
The First Lady congratulated the Indian American students who placed second and third in addition to Jella.
Jaila gave the correct spelling of Muraya, leaving behind the students of Indian origin. She became the winner by correctly answering the spelling. The winner of the spelling bee competition, Jella received a prize of Rs 50,000. Jella is a basketball player and dreams of playing for the US national team.
The competition was held in Florida. There were a total of 11 students in the final round. Many of the 11 finalists were Indian students. Last year the spelling bee competition was organized after the outbreak of the corona epidemic. The competition had to be canceled for the first time since World War II.
This year the 8th edition of the competition was held. For the first time since 2006, the winner of the competition was not a student of Asian descent. Students of Asian origin and especially students of Indian origin have dominated the competition for the past 20 years.


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