Euro 2020: See you! Video Viral – England fans clash with Italy’s support, video goes viral

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The video of a fight between Italian fans and Italian fans has gone viral. English PM Boris Jones has also been condemned for making racist remarks against viral football fans. In this way the heart was also won. His scintillating performance in the final led to a penalty shootout in the match, but that is only one side of the coin. Their fans are very important for a team, but this move by the fans of England during and after the Euro 2020 final is very embarrassing. This move has in a way tarnished England’s applause. Tried to malign his image.

On the one hand, England won the hearts of everyone with their game, on the other hand the fans of England were constantly creating turmoil. He insulted the players on England’s penalty miss. He also slammed the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Jonas, for making racist remarks against football fans. “Those responsible for such misbehavior should be ashamed of themselves,” he tweeted.

In the final, a penalty from England’s Marcus Rashford hit the goal post. Bukayo Saka and Jaden Sancho’s penalties were blocked by the Italian goalkeeper. All three players have become victims of racial abuse on social media. London Police have also condemned the misconduct and called for an investigation into the social media posts. Not only this, the insult of the national anthem was also seen by the fans of England. But the extent was reached when he could not digest the defeat in the final and clashed with the Italian supporters.
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Hooliganism by England fans after Euro 2020 final
After the match at Wembley Stadium in London, there was a lot of hooliganism among the fans of England. One of his videos is also becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is clearly seen in the video that the supporters of England are beating the Italian supporters coming out from inside the stadium. He was seen treating them like an animal. Seeing this behavior of the supporters of England, the supporters of Italy are seen running for their lives.
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The fence tried to tarnish the image of England
The video that surfaced after the Euro 2020 final is not only embarrassing but also tarnishes the image of England. Italy, who reached the final of the tournament for the first time, defeated Italy 3-2 in a penalty shootout. This is the second time Italy has won the tournament. He had earlier won the title in 1968.

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