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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Big change in Tokyo Olympics: Athletes do not wear medals – do medal ceremonies yourself in Tokyo Olympics due to Corona epidemic

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Because of Corona, the winners of the Tokyo Games will have to wear their medals. The medals will be placed in a tray near the podium. Athletes have to collect medals themselves. The winning medal is worn. It is the most memorable moment in a player’s career. However, this is not written in the fate of the athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. The medal ceremony at the Tokyo Games has been changed.

Players who win in Tokyo will not be awarded medals, but instead three medals will be placed in a tray on the podium. Players will have to wear the medal themselves in front of an empty stand. Then the players can neither shake hands nor hug anyone.
The rules of the World Test Cricket Championship have changed, know how teams will now get points The medal will be placed in a tray in front of the athletes and they will have to wear the medal themselves. Whoever places the medal in the tray shall do so wearing sanitized gloves. Presenters and athletes will wear masks. There will be no handshakes or hugs at the medal ceremony.

The Olympic Games were to be held in Japan last year, but had to be canceled due to Corona. Strict rules are now in place in Tokyo until the end of the June 8 Olympics. A total of 1,149 new cases of corona were reported in Tokyo on Wednesday, the highest in six months.
Six players will debut for Team India in the tournament against Sri Lanka, as can be seen in the photoshoot of the youth team’s Olympic glimpse. Spectators are not allowed in the Olympics. Along with this, strict rules have been made for the players and coaches and officials accompanying them.

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