Tokyo Olympics 2021: Sex-alcohol game started after Olympics, former athlete revealed

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Former German long-jumper Susan has revealed that athletes have been partying one after the other since the competition. Athletes have both alcohol and sex at parties. Even the officers are becoming helpless. The organizers of the 2020 Olympics have officially banned athletes from having sex. Corona virus threat. But former athlete Susan Titke says sex has also become common as athletes enjoy booze parties at every sport. Even the officers get helpless in stopping it.

“It’s ridiculous for me to be banned,” said the 52-year-old German athlete. This restriction is of no use. Athletes’ energy is at its peak in the Olympics. They want to release this energy after the competition is over. There’s a party going on and there’s a wine. People also enjoy sex there.
Rishabh Pant was born in the UK in Corona, where he has been in isolation for the last eight days. “Nothing happens until the competition is over,” Susan said. Koch says that when you have sex the body has to recharge itself with energy. So you shouldn’t do that. However, your roommate also takes care of the room you need after the contest is over.

Organizers of the Tokyo Games have arranged 160,000 condoms at Athletes Village for safe sex awareness. “You always hear other athletes partying and sometimes you can’t even sleep,” Susan said. Sex has always been a topic of discussion.
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