Fight in cricket match: Cricket ground turned into arena, players ran and killed each other – Viral Video: Fight during charity cricket match in England

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Players fight during a charity match at Maidstone Motte Park Cricket Club in England. The fight between the players started with one run and then the cricket field turned into a battlefield. The match was organized to raise funds for the ‘Share for Care’ campaign. New Delhi: Cricket may be called a gentleman’s game, but players often malign its image with their ‘dirty’ moves. A similar incident happened in England. The video of the incident is going viral on social media.

Recently a charity match was organized at Big Park Cricket Club in Maidstone. In the match, instead of fours and sixes, punches and kicks were thrown from the players. Things got so bad that the match had to be cancelled.
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This video is going viral on social media, it is of 18th July. It can be clearly seen in the video that the fight starts between the players on the field. Then suddenly a man comes and attacks the other man with a bat.

He then starts fighting among the players and starts punching and kicking each other on the field. Seeing the matter increasing, some women are also seen intervening.

According to media reports, the matter started with one run. The match was organized to raise funds for the ‘Share for Care’ campaign.

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The organizer told Kent Online: ‘We tried our best for charity, but the players turned it down. We were playing the final match and as soon as the last few overs were left, some people came on the pitch and attacked the players.

According to the report, the police also reached the spot around 7 pm. The police tried to find out from the players what led to the fight between them. However, no arrest has been made in this case.

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