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Swimmer Mana Patel: Tokyo Olympics: When Myna Patel’s career was in danger – Tokyo Olympics 2021 When Mana Patel thought of quitting swimming

At the Tokyo Olympics, 130 crore Indians will be eyeing the lone woman and proud Gujarati swimmer Mana Patel. The 21-year-old backstroke champion Mana from Ahmedabad is going to create history in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. However, in 2016, Mana Patel suffered a shoulder injury, jeopardizing her career. In medical parlance, this injury is called “superior liberal tear extending from anteriorly 11 clock and up to 2 clock posterior”.

Mana’s pain was so severe that surgeons advised her to stay away from the swimming pool for three months, leaving her depressed and contemplating quitting swimming. He was losing weight and there were days when he had no ideological impetus to come out of despair.
Livingstone hit the longest six in history, but why is his IPL team not happy? Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai proved to be his second home in such difficult times. With the help of Heath Mathews, Head of the Department of Sports Science and Medicine, and his colleagues Chandan Poddar and Shruti Mehta and Akhil Mehta, conditioning trainer, Mana found a way to get rid of the problem.

Hours were spent here in search of treatments, massages, exercises, dry needling and tapping treatments designed for the long and special Mana Patel. The employees here were fully aware of how difficult a goal they had to achieve. If her treatment fails, Mana will have to undergo surgery and come out of it and go back to the swimming pool.

The initial treatment was very painful and he found it very difficult to do the exercises that he was shown, he also felt a lot of pain while doing this exercise, Dr. K.S. Poddar reminisced. However, she was determined to get through this phase. His mother was also instrumental in motivating him to get through this phase, especially in staying strong, overcoming injuries and encouraging him to return to the pool. Mann’s mother was also becoming his strong support. Every day he would accompany her to the hospital and watch her exercise sessions for hours.
9-year-old cricketer Ajinkya Rahane was targeted by tollers after Raj Kundra’s arrest. Poddar said that he needs mental stability and energy in the final phase of rehabilitation. She was very thin when her strength and conditioning sessions with Akhil began. However, the change in his physical abilities multiplied over the next 6 to 8 weeks. In box jumping she was able to jump higher and higher and progress from body weight squats to weighted jacket work.

While Mana was working on rehab, strength and conditioning, hospital staff were also in close contact with her coach, Peter Caswell. A holistic injury management plan was developed based on information provided by Koch Caswell and his orthopedic surgeon, with the help of which Mana was able to slowly return to the pool. Her muscles, which were paralyzed from daily therapy sessions, returned to normal and focused on lower-body strength, with Mana focusing on developing this special ability while away from the swimming pool.

Before leaving for Tokyo, Mana told the media that the feeling of going to the Olympics was really amazing. Mann has grown up watching TV and reading about the Olympics like other kids. Now you represent your country as a sportsperson, as a competitor at the world level. It looks like a dream come true, Mana said.

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