Mirabai Chanu: Mirabai Chanu was hungry two days before the competition in Tokyo, know what is the reason – Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Mirabai Chanu did not eat anything two days before the competition

How much an athlete sacrifices to be successful in any major event can be learned from weightlifter Mirabai Chanu, a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics. Mirabai Chanu said she hadn’t eaten anything for two days before her competition at the Tokyo Games due to weight concerns.

Mirabai Chanu has won silver medal in women’s 49kg category. Mirabai talks about her tight diet and how she kept herself energized after the Rio Olympics. “I was worried about my weight, so I didn’t eat anything for two days before the competition,” he said. Maintaining weight is very difficult. We have to follow a strict diet to maintain the weight for our weight category. So I could not eat junk food and my diet was also limited.

Speaking about the failure of Rio, Mirabai Chanu said, “I was inspired by the failure of Rio Olympics. After the failure of Rio, I decided that I really need to win medals. I need to do my best. My coach Vijay Sharma encouraged me a lot. He told me that I should forget what happened in Rio and focus on the future. It was because of him that I got here.

Sports activities around the world have been stopped due to Corona. Chanu said, “I could not train because of the lockdown.” I started training only after the relaxation of the lockdown. I got injured after training after a long break. So I had to plan to go to USA for training in October last year.

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