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Tokyo Olympics 2021: ‘Trash’ turned into Tokyo Olympic medals, athletes’ bites banned – Tokyo Olympic Committee urges athletes to stop biting gold medals

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After winning a medal in the Olympics, it has become a tradition to give them a biting pose. However, this time the Tokyo Olympic Committee has urged the athletes not to do so. Japan has made 5,000 gold, silver and bronze medals out of electronics waste. Tokyo: The Olympic Games have a tradition, a culture, a history that every athlete has been following for centuries. Standing on the podium and doing a medal bite is also a part of it. But during the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo, the organizers have now urged not to do so.

Actually, Japan, famous for its technology, has done many new experiments in the Olympics. He has also made medals by recycling electronics waste. Electronic waste here refers to other equipment, including damaged mobile phones and laptops, donated by Japanese citizens. Of these, five thousand gold, silver and bronze medals have been made for the Olympics.
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The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee tweeted with a picture of an American athlete. “We want to make it clear that a medal at the Tokyo Olympics is not something that can be put in your mouth. Our gold, silver and bronze medals are made with electronic recycling devices. So you don’t have to cut that, but we know. that you can.’ There is also a smiley after the tweet.

After winning the medal, the athlete does this on the statement of the photographers, which makes the pose memorable. But is it just because the athlete takes pride in the tune of his national anthem and bites the medal or something.
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Actually, it has a long history. Gold being a soft metal, its purity is checked by cutting it. Once upon a time people used to cut gold to check whether the gold is real or not. Even if an Olympic athlete bites a gold medal, it does not have teeth marks on it, because it contains very little gold.

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