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Chak De India! This is the real life ‘Kabir Khan’ who strengthened the women’s hockey team – this is how coach Sjoerd Marijne trained the Indian women’s hockey team for the Olympics

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Four years ago, Coach Shored was given the command of the Indian women’s hockey team. After playing hockey on the field for 10 years, the coach is also a motivational speaker. The situation was not easy when the command of the Indian women’s hockey team was handed over. At that time the Indian team was playing Olympics for the first time. Players lost matches and many senior players decided to retire. The team needed to rebuild and Marjan did a great job. The Indian team has defeated a strong team like Australia in the Tokyo Olympics today and the credit goes to coach Morgan. Marjan has prepared this team.

Indian women’s hockey team creates history in Olympics, defeating Australia to reach semi-finals

Margin himself has played field hockey for 10 years. Apart from the Indian women’s hockey team, she has also coached the men’s team. She was appointed the coach of the Indian women’s hockey team in 2017. This leadership was equally a challenge for him. He is also a motivational speaker, so he knows how to motivate people. With passion he devised a plan to improve the skills of the players.

People associate this preparation of the Indian hockey team with the Bollywood film Chak De India. Here also the coach worked to change the mindset of the players. After today’s victory, people are calling Shard the real life Kabir Khan. Coach Shored wanted the players not to lose their cool at any point in the match. It definitely takes time to prepare the players but the result is in front of us.

After creating history in Tokyo, Sindhu will now enjoy ice cream with PM Modi

Shard’s approach is different from other coaches. They value the presence of a leader on the pitch. “Every coach has a different style and nature,” Garjit Kaur told It works differently with players. He wants us to solve the problems ourselves. They definitely help us on the pitch but it is our responsibility to find a way out.

Significantly, the performance of the Indian team has improved a lot since becoming the short coach. Indian hockey team defeated Olympic champion Great Britain in their own country. Apart from this, Spain also won a bronze medal in the World Cup. “Two or three years ago, the team gave up, but now they talk to each other and change matches,” Margie said before the start of the Olympics. His mental health has improved a lot. On the strength of this mental strength, the team has reached the semi-finals of the Olympics. The more we are with each other, the better we will be able to perform.


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