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Vandana Kataria: ‘Dalit team lost women’s team due to crowd’ humiliated Vandana’s family – Vandana Kataria

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Vandana Kataria is part of the Indian women’s hockey team that reached the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. The Indian women’s hockey team had to face defeat in the semi-finals. A few hours later, two upper caste men arrived in front of Vandana Kataria’s house in Roshanabad village of Haridwar.

Both burst firecrackers in front of Olympic star Vandana’s house and danced while mocking the family and insulting them by speaking casteist words. He told Vandana’s family that the team had lost due to the presence of too many Dalit players in the team, Vandana’s family told our correspondent Times of India. However, one of them has been taken into custody by the police.
“We were very disappointed and saddened after the loss,” said Shekhar, brother of another Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya, who won silver. But the team put up a great fight and we are proud of the team’s performance. After the match was over, we started hearing loud noises. Firecrackers were bursting outside our house. When we went out we saw two people from our village. We know them, they are upper caste. They were dancing outside our house.

When he saw that Vandana’s family had come out of the house, he scolded her by saying casteist words. Shekhar had lodged a complaint with the police in which he said that he has insulted our family by using racist words. He was saying that the Indian team lost because there were too many Dalit players. Not just hockey, Dalits should be kept out of all sports.
PM Modi declared August 5 as a special day, “First Article 370 was removed, then temple construction started and now he has won a medal in hockey.” Then he took off some of his clothes and started dancing again. This was done in front of our house as we were Dalits,” Shekhar said. SHO of Sidkal police station LS Butola said that out of the two people whose names have surfaced, one has been taken into custody.


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