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Neeraj Chopra Interview: Sleeping in the neck, tears of joy in his eyes.. what was going on in his mind at the moment, Neeraj would be proud to know – Neeraj Chopra says what went through his mind when he stood on one was the podium for sleeping

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What was on Neeraj Chopra’s mind when he won the gold medal in the Olympics? But in a game like Jelvin Throw, not only strength but also technique proves to be very important. The fact that Neeraj won the gold medal is also a result of his years of penance and hard work. Now not only the country but the world also wants to know a lot about Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra. Neeraj had a special conversation with our correspondent Times of India about the achievement in which you will feel proud to know about some moments. Let us know what was going on in Neeraj’s mind when he had gold medal around his neck, tears in his eyes and national anthem.

How does it feel to be India’s first track and field medalist?

“I am very happy for India to win my first track and field medal at the Olympics,” says Neeraj. And gold too. This is the beginning of a new era in Indian sports. I can’t tell you how I feel. It was a proud moment for me as I stood wearing a gold medal and waving the tricolor in the stadium and singing the national anthem. I think a lot of good is going to happen in Indian athletics in the times to come.

An important contribution of a man sitting in Mumbai to the history made in Olympics by Neeraj Chopra
With an injury in 2019 and a coronavirus outbreak in 2020, the gold medal has served to erase all those bad memories. This has given me a lot of relief. Every athlete dreams of winning an Olympic medal in his life. And I won this gold. What more can I ask for now? I am very optimistic and believe in luck. So I think all the challenges, including my injury and the time wasted due to Corona, proved to be good for me.

What was going through your mind every time you threw in the final? Did you think you could win gold then?

When the file was playing, the only thing going through my mind was that I have to give my best. I didn’t want to make sure there was a balance between my body movement and the throw. Javelin throw is a technique sport. It was not in my mind that I was going to break the national record or achieve a personal best. Olympic gold medals have their own luster and value. When at the end the other players didn’t do their best in the last attempt, I realized that I had won the gold.

Neeraj’s enthusiasm in gold, 80 applications for such spear within one and a half hours of getting the medal
What was your idea behind dedicating the medal to Milkha Singh ji?

I watched a lot of videos in my athletics career. He (Milkha Singh) wanted to see a lot of Indians on the Olympic podium in track and field. He missed a medal in Rome in 1960 by a short distance. He always wanted to see an Indian win an Olympic medal. When I won the gold medal and the national anthem was being sung, his words came to my mind and I could not control my emotions. Sadly they are not with us to see this day. But those standing on the podium were thinking about him. After that I decided to dedicate my medal to him. PT Usa Mem also fulfilled a wish which he had dreamed of in his career.

How did you feel standing on the podium, listening to the crowd and watching the national flag hoisted? What was going through your mind at that time?

In response to this question, Neeraj said that it seemed that your hard work and sacrifice was paying off. It is not possible to describe those thoughts in words. It can only be felt. I know what it’s like to feel.

Today Razia Sheikh of Gujarat, who is living an anonymous life, has won many medals in javelin throw.
Now what is Neeraj Chopra-Athlete’s next dream?

I will go home and celebrate my victory. I will eat the pieces made by my hands. I will take necessary breaks and sleep well. After that I will prepare for next year’s Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships.

You are getting a lot of likes on social media. How do you see it?

Yes, I can see that my followers on social media have increased a lot since the Olympic gold. Good thing people know me now. They see the star in me. But I focus on my game. I watch social media in my leisure time, it is just a matter of entertainment.

People say you should play yourself in your biopic every day! What do you have to say about it?

Halto, I want to focus on my game. The biopic is worth the wait. There may be a biopic on me when I retire. I want to achieve even more. I want to win more medals for India. I want to get more respect as an athlete so that when I say goodbye to my sport I have more gifts attached to me.


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